At the point when dull freezing days become the standard, recall not all locales of the U.S. are shrouded in snow every winter. Radiant Southern California and tropical Florida have their own meaning of winter. Stock up on sunscreen, prepared the setting up camp stuff and travel south for a sun-imbued winter experience.


Getting out of a cooled vehicle in the south throughout the mid year takes boldness. Fear of confronting the mass of extreme hotness holding up external the vehicle vanishes in the colder time of year. Temperatures in areas of interest like Santa Fe, New Mexico and Tallahassee, Florida separately normal 33 and 20 degrees cooler in November than July. Public stops in the south like Californias Death Valley issue heat alerts all through the late spring however are completely wonderful and surprisingly absolutely cool in the colder time of year.

Curves National Park


Camping areas, attractions, and nature itself become busy in the mid year. Guests to Arches National Park in Utah regularly sit in rush hour gridlock for 30 minutes or all the more to get in the recreation center during top season (March Oct.). Once inside, stopping is elusive. At the point when guests do stop, they have loads of organization on the trailheads. Offseason guests (Dec. Feb.) can guarantee the recreation center as their own, and calmly partake in its tranquil regular magnificence.


Bunches of KOAs in the south stay open the entire year since well, they can. While numerous KOAs in northern states close up because of severe winter climate, setting up camp exercises are as yet pressing onward in the south. Pick the ideal camping area and type tent, RV or setting up camp lodge with less contest for prime spots during winter. Praise special times of year and New Year around a warm open air fire! Read more »

CREATOR OF DIAMONDS STATE PARK in Murfreesboro, Arkansas

For a great Diamond Hunting Experience and more, do not delay to make your plans to come to




What exactly do we mean by Hunting for Diamonds? Do we mean like in a cave like old Gold Mines? No, At The COD- (Creator of Diamonds State Park), It’s surface hunting on

The ground that has been plowed up regularly.

If you have ever hunt artifacts in a field like a garden that has been freshly plowed

And you find pretty rocks maybe arrowheads or pottery ect, then you will feel at home at the COD.

The COD has 911 acres of fun waiting for you. You are allowed to take tools of your own inside the hunting ground, AS LONG AS IT IS NOT MOTORIZED OR BATTERY OPERATED. That means you can take shovels, buckets , racks, sifters and even a garden wagon to pull to the watershed.


But like I mentioned, you can bring your own tools inside with you. Now what tools are needed?

This question can only be answered by how much you want to find a DIAMOND. Read more »

The National Corvette Museum

The National Corvette Museum is authorized by the Kentucky Department of Charitable Gaming under permit number ORG0000854.

Right now, we offer buyers situated in Kentucky the capacity to buy wager tickets on their PCs, cell phones, and on location at the National Corvette Museum and NCM Motorsports Park.

To buy a wager ticket on the web, you should be somewhere around 18 years old and be actually situated in Kentucky at the hour of procurement. You don’t need to be an occupant of Kentucky to partake.

In case you are not situated in Kentucky and will utilize a Mastercard as your type of installment, you can utilize the site to intuitively make a request structure. Read more »

My Dream View; Niagra Falls

My Niagara Falls experience.

I am so excited to see the famous Niagara Falls. So I wake early and pack my things. It was already raining when we boarded the bus heading to the Falls. We hardly see any of the scenic places from our window due to the heavy rainfall but thanks to our tour guide who kept on describing each spot we are passing through. 

This was my first time to visit the falls and even though it rained, I was still looking forward to experiencing the Falls up close in all its splendor. Be it from the view deck of the Falls or from behind them, I wanted to feel the spray on my face and hear the distinct sound of the Falls. And I got the opportunity to do just that! 

We were all wet when we entered the tourist registration area to get a pass for the exhilarating journey behind the Falls tour. After our tickets were collected, we were each given biodegradable rain to protect ourselves from the mist. We walked inside the tunnel till we reached the upper observation deck.  Read more »

Pikes Peak in Colorado Journey

A TRULY UNIQUE COLORADO EXPERIENCE that I will treasure forever. 

A ride on the Pikes Peak train is more than a mode of getting from point A to point B: It’s a journey filled with wonder, not to mention bragging rights and one-and-only encounters. If you like train trivia, get ready for some mind-blowing facts. 

The Cog Railway enchantment begins the moment you claim your seat in one of the cardinal-red cars. All of the existing trains have undergone significant enhancements recently (think comfortable new seats and floors, upgraded sound systems and converted axles). Three of the trains are brand new and came all the way to Colorado from Switzerland. That’s right — the Swiss company Stadler is the only manufacturer in the world that makes the equipment needed for The Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway. After all, this isn’t any ordinary train: It’s one of two cog railways in the country and approximately 40 across the globe. 

Adding to the Cog Railway’s charms is the fact that it’s the highest altitude train of its kind — chugging to the summit at 14,115 feet — and it’s set on one of the most-visited mountains in the world. (Pikes Peak aka “America’s Mountain,” of course.) 

For a double dose of extraordinary, hike the 13-mile Barr Trail to the top of Pikes Peak where the cozy cars will be waiting to carry you back down, giving your legs a much-needed rest. Or, book a Cog Up/Bike Down trip to take the train to the summit. From there, you’ll clip in and wind down Pikes Peak Highway through almost 20 miles of exhilarating curves and unparalleled mountain views. 

And, seasonal trains will thrill every member of the family. Where else can you ride a shiny red train through snow-tipped evergreens as Santa Claus spreads Christmas cheer in the seat across the aisle? 

I am not kidding when I said this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Read more »

Camping: The Budget Outing

Camping: The Budget Outing
Who doesn’t want to spend quality time out? Everyone wants so. Don’t you? But running low on
budget is the main hurdle to fulfill this dream. But here, we will discuss how to turn this dream
about budget outings into reality. In the daily exaggerated routine, everyone must spend some
quality time to make himself relaxed and this is much important to keep going for the daily
burden of work.

Camping is one of the budget and wallet friendly outing plans. Spending quality time with
friends, spouse or family is the most heart-warming experience, one will ever have. Camping is
the temporary stay at some area other than home. It has its own numerous benefits which will
be discussed later.

A Mesmerizing Start of Day:
Staying away from the daily routine of load and stress is only possible by camping at some hilly
area with a lake in front. When you open eyes in the morning, the beautiful reflection of the sun
welcomes you. The crystal clear water and the green moss bed and the cool breeze tickles you to
feel you in heaven and much more. Your alarm will be the mesmerizing sound of birds, chirping
to awake you from the sound sleep. The view of the sky in the night will be a lullaby for you. The
day spent in camp is better than a year in an apartment.

Read more »

Summer Vacation Idea

Traditionally, summer vacations are the perfect time to bond with family, loved ones, and friends in order to create new and lasting memories. Amidst COVID pandemic changes must be made and expected, of course. However, this shouldn’t mean that summer vacation is over. There are still summer vacation ideas that can still be enjoyed. The key to a successful summer getaway in this current health situation is to plan and prepare effectively. A lot of businesses and establishments are opening to offer services so summer trips are still a go.

Here are some summer vacation ideas that you can plan on: River Adventures, go for whitewater rafting, boating, river guided trips; Land Tours, go on national park trips, camping, foot trails, biking, and such activities; Road Trips, take a pass at historical sites, environmental locales, and other outdoor recreations; Read more »

Must-Haves For Your Beach Vacations

Going to the beach is a lot of fun. No two vacations are ever the same, even if you’ve been to the same location many times. When it comes to beach vacations, there are some must-haves to bring along so that you can always be prepared. The items you need and how many could depend on where you go and how long you are staying on this vacation.

A good beach bag is always a help. This bag is a great item to help keep all of your other supplies together. These items include towels, beach shoes, swimwear, a beach coverup, water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, an extra set of clothing, a bag for wet clothes, and a few ziplock bags to have handy for your phone and other water-sensitive items. Read more »

Should I take a Road Trip?

Road trips are a fun vacation idea. They promise thrilling experiences and are easy to plan. You can even be a bit spontaneous and just let the road take you to your next adventure. But like everything else, there are pros and cons. Here we will highlight them to help you decide if they are right for you!


• Road trips are economical. They are definitely less expensive than trains, buses or airplanes. You can find cheap accommodations along the way or you can camp!

• Road trips give you freedom. You can choose where you go, change direction and even leave if you are not having a good time.

• Road trips allow you to pack whatever you want! You don’t have to be limited to one or two suitcases. You can throw as much as you like into your trunk.


• There is going to be a lot of driving! If you don’t love driving, it may be a good idea to pair up with a buddy who does. Long road trips can be exhausting.

• Parking can be a hassle. There is no guarantee that they will be adequate, safe parking facilities. Read more »

The Joys of Summer Fishing

If you’re anything like me, as soon as the sun comes out, so too does your fishing rod. After all, as fishing nuts everywhere will tell you, the only thing better than fishing, is fishing in the sunshine. To tell you the truth, the thought of it alone has me hankering for the long summer days ahead. Not that you can really blame me for that. Sure, the other seasons have a lot going for them as well. Ice fishing up Lake of the Woods way is a life-affirming experience. As is trout fishing on Montana’s Madison River when spring is in the air. But, even still, there’s just something about summer fishing that sets it apart from the rest.

Appreciating that something is special is one thing. Pinpointing what makes it so; quite another. Who knows, maybe the promise of cloudless skies and warm waters makes summer fishing special. On the other hand, maybe it’s reconnecting with youthful riverbank adventures that are the key. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s that you can barely move for all the fish shoaling off America’s coast at this magical time of year. Could that be it? Part of me certainly thinks so. Another part of me, however, isn’t so sure. This part of me, my skeptical half, refuses to accept that the allure of summer fishing can be reduced to one thing and one thing alone. This part of me, you see, prefers to think of it as a personal patchwork of undimmed memories, endless evenings, and, lest we forget, jumbo-sized hauls. Read more »

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