Anyone who has gone camping frequently will tell you that, like any activity, there are some “tools of the trade” that one needs to have in order to have a successful trip. After all, a chef wouldn’t attempt to make a gourmet dinner without a set of knives, tools, pans, etc. from a professional kitchen. The pocket knife is one of these “tools” that is very necessary. The top five applications for your pocket knife while camping this summer are listed below.

1. Your knife may be able to save your life. Boy scouts, military personnel, and survivalists all advocate using your pocket knife for a variety of survival tasks. Your knife is your most important survival tool, whether you’re using it to fend off a wild animal or cut rope and pine boughs to build a shelter. It will take care of you when you need it most if you keep it close to you at all times, keep it clean, and keep it in good working order.Image result for free images of military training with knife


2. Cleaning Fish: The abundance of excellent fishing is one of the nicest aspects of camping. Fishing is one of the most pleasurable things to do on a day off, whether you live by a lake or a river. At the end of the day, eating your catch is the best part of fishing. When the time comes to clean your day’s catch, your knife will come in helpful.See the source image


3. Marshmallow Sticks: I can still recall my favorite camping activity as a little child—toasting marshmallows! Finding and creating your own marshmallow stick to use while camping is a long-standing custom. For cutting and sharpening the end of your stick, you will need a nice pocket knife.See the source image


4. Whittling: The age-old custom of whittling is one of my favorite outdoor activities. A solid piece of wood and your preferred knife are all you need to get started. Find out what kind of artwork is concealed in the nearby stump; you never know—there might even be a whistle there.See the source image


5. Fixing Everything: In my opinion, a pocketknife is the equivalent of duct tape in terms of tools. It can be used to fix almost everything. I frequently use mine as a can opener, hammer, and screwdriver. Our camper sink’s pump handle broke last summer, but I was able to make a replacement out of wood using my camping knife.See the source image

The camping season has arrived just in time for summer. I can’t wait to spend some time in nature, telling ghost stories and roasting marshmallows on those nice nights under the sky. I wouldn’t even consider leaving the house without my reliable pocket knife because it serves so many different purposes.

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May we always remember to Thank God for all we have and all we get to do. AMEN





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