The Only Camping Supplies You Truly Need

The common problem that most camping enthusiasts have is that they pack too many camping supplies or not enough. In reality, there should be only a couple of supplies you should focus on.

One thing you do not want to run out of is food and water. Certainly, packing too much does not make anything better because you will just have to carry a bigger than necessary load of camping supplies in your backpack. Just calculate the meals required for how many days you will be out camping and then add a couple of extra portions. The same goes for water.

Other supplies you may want to think about are batteries. Avoid packing regular batteries or anything that requires batteries. What you should be doing is to get a large power bank that also has a solar charging cell and a rechargeable headlamp. You will not need any other type of supply as your power bank should be more than enough to charge your devices. Just do not pack too many devices that need regular charging and stick to essential camping supplies.

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