Rock Climbing at Hueco Tanks

The rock climbing at Hueco Tanks is synonymous with one thing above anything else; world-class bouldering. In many people’s eyes, indeed, this lonely syenite (an igneous rock similar to granite) outcrop on the outskirts of El Paso is where bouldering evolved from a hazily defined concept into a fully-formed sport. Truth be told, it’s not hard to see why. Altogether there are thousands of routes, spanning all grades, for you to get to grips with.

The best time of year to pit yourself against Hueco Tanks’ fiendish bouldering problems is during winter and early spring. It’s worth bearing in mind that outside of that prime climbing season, the sunbaked rock can become literally too hot to handle.

Irrespective of when you decide to go, however, it certainly pays to book ahead. Access to the North Mountain area – the only self-guided area within Hueco Tanks State Park – is strictly limited to 70 people per day. Meanwhile, to gain access to other areas within the park, you’ll need to arrange a guided tour through an approved operator.

Trust me, however, the rock climbing at Hueco Tanks makes all the hassle more than worthwhile.

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