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The Best Camping Food

Cooking for the company when camping is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do. Typically, food is prepared on a grill or over an open flame. Foods that are simple to store and maintain freshness should be brought. Along with the ingredients for each meal, you should pack snacks for the hike. Items that are perishable should be kept in a refrigerator or a cooler with ice.


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With a breakfast that will get you ready for a day of hiking or exploration, start your day off well. Slice some potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and bacon, then cook them in a skillet over the fire until they are done. Once the mixture is heated through and the eggs are thoroughly cooked, stir the eggs with a little milk. This delicious skillet dinner is simple to make and tidy up after. A morning taco is another simple meal to make. Put some scrambled eggs, cheese, and picante sauce inside a tortilla. Use pre-made crusts and eggs to make a breakfast pizza if you’re feeling a little more daring. The eggs can be prepared anyway you prefer them and added with bacon, potatoes, or sausage. Pizza crusts are heated over the flames, then the egg mixture and cheese are added.


So that you can return to your excursions, keep lunch simple and quick to make and clean up. Sandwiches are a tasty lunch option that use simple to prepare and store ingredients. A sandwich with sliced lunch meats and vegetables on it is the ideal pick-me-up. Take some frozen French fries, chili, and cheese sauce to make a hot side dish to go with the sandwiches. Wrap it firmly in foil. Enjoy your ooey chili cheese fries after tossing the packet onto the fire and cooking it until the fries are fully cooked.

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A very substantial stew for dinner is a fantastic choice. In a large pot, combine equal amounts of your favorite canned vegetables. Beans, peas, and maize are a few examples. Add premade barbecue pork and piece chicken from a can as well. For a hearty stew, combine two cans of tomato sauce and two cans of chopped tomatoes and boil them slowly over an open flame. Fry your catch if you were fishing and were fortunate enough to bring something home. The fish should be cleaned and then cut into fillets. Two eggs and one can of beer should be properly combined. Twelve ounces of flour, two teaspoons of baking powder, salt, and pepper to taste should be added to that. Cornstarch and then batter are used to coat the fish. It should be fried in hot oil until the batter puffs up. This is a fantastic way to reward yourself for your efforts after a fishing day.

Here is a link to great cookware          https://amzn.to/3UCbiLj        But if you are just starting out there is no need to break the bank for camping. Take it a little at a time, and slowly build up. I honestly belive the memories are made in the food. The BETTER the food the BETTER the memories.

Apple pie is delicious. Even better made with a hobo iron over a campfire.


Trail Food


Without snacks to prepare and carry along while you are out on a nature stroll, no camping excursion is complete. It takes a lot of energy to walk and hike, so you should pack some energy-boosting meals. A fun technique to prepare the snack for the following day is to pop popcorn over an open flame. The possibilities for trail mix are only limited by your creativity. Mix sweets with a combination of hearty elements. Combine cereal, dried fruit, almonds, raisins, chocolate chips, M & M’s, and granola. Utilize any combination you like.


But the meals I prepare while camping with a pudgie pie maker are my favorites (also called pie irons). They have lengthy handles and are composed of metal or cast iron. Our family bakes delectable desserts in pudgie pie makers for lunch and dinner. The main component of a pudgie pie is bread. My preferred food is grilled cheese. Butter two slices of bread to create one. In the pudgie pie maker, place the buttered side down. By doing this, the bread won’t stick. Each piece of bread should have a slice of cheese on it. Close the pie maker for pudgies. Place in the campfire’s embers. The pie will be ready in a short amount of time. After a minute or so, rotate the pie maker. Keep a watchful eye on your sandwich. The sandwich will cook quickly, based on how hot your fire is. Your cheese sandwich would also be a great addition with ham and tomato.

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In our family, pizza pudgie pies are also well-liked. Butter two slices of bread once more, then put one in the pudgie pie maker with the buttered side up. Include your preferred pizza toppings (ours are canned pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese). Put the pudgie pie maker in the coals of your campfire and seal it up. When removing pudgie pies from your pudgie pie maker, exercise caution. Your sandwich and the pudgie pie maker will both be quite warm.


Dessert pies are another favorite kind of pudgie pie in our household. Place the greased sides of the two bread slices in the bottom of the pudgie pie maker. Put some of your preferred prepared pie filling in there (cherry or apple are our favorites). Enjoy cooking over the fire.

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Of course, creating smores is a must-do on any camping vacation. Additionally, making them is really simple. A marshmallow should be roasted first over the fire. Put your marshmallow on top of a graham cracker, a piece of chocolate bar, and another graham cracker once it is warm and gooey.

Being able to cook while camping can be a lot of fun. Food preparation should be simple, with little cleanup required and the use of few pots and pans. But no camping trip would be complete without toasting marshmallows after nightfall. Cut some branches, then stick big marshmallows on them. Till they are toasted and browned, keep each stick over the flame. It’s the perfect mushy treat to conclude the day with.

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