My Dream View; Niagra Falls

My Niagara Falls experience.

I am so excited to see the famous Niagara Falls. So I wake early and pack my things. It was already raining when we boarded the bus heading to the Falls. We hardly see any of the scenic places from our window due to the heavy rainfall but thanks to our tour guide who kept on describing each spot we are passing through. 

This was my first time to visit the falls and even though it rained, I was still looking forward to experiencing the Falls up close in all its splendor. Be it from the view deck of the Falls or from behind them, I wanted to feel the spray on my face and hear the distinct sound of the Falls. And I got the opportunity to do just that! 

We were all wet when we entered the tourist registration area to get a pass for the exhilarating journey behind the Falls tour. After our tickets were collected, we were each given biodegradable rain to protect ourselves from the mist. We walked inside the tunnel till we reached the upper observation deck. 

Watching all that water go down into a mass of white mist looks like a simple task but is quite hypnotic for me. It is definitely one of the most thrilling places I’ve been and although it was already late afternoon when we had our tour, I must say that the breathtaking view of the humongous Falls left me in awe.


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