One of the major drawbacks of camping is the presence of insects like bugs and mosquitoes. They’re bothersome, and they could also carry contagious illnesses that you don’t want to bring back with you. There are various ways to keep these pesky insects at bay, aside from the conventional precautions like lotion or repellent for mosquitoes.See the source image

To keep mosquitoes away from your camping, use these 5 practical tips:

Pack more dryer sheets

Moquitoes (and bees) detest being around dryer sheets, but nobody is sure why. Simply placing a couple of them around your campground can help keep the insects away from you. Place some near your meals or tuck them under the tablecloths to ensure that your mealtimes remain uninterrupted. Better still, carry one with you at all times for increased security.

Wear a bracelet that repels insects.

When it comes to defense against insects like bugs and mosquitoes, you can never have enough. Consider purchasing an insect repellent bracelet if you dislike bug spray or anti-mosquito creams (most of them are sticky!). It’s not required that you wear it; you can hang it in your pack or clip it to a nearby object.

These wristbands create a protective shield around you by discharging fumes that actively repel insects.

Sage can be added to a campfire.

Ticks and mosquitoes dislike the scent of sage. Since garlic is a well-known bug deterrent, putting some on your campfire will keep the bugs at bay. The scent of sage will cling to your skin and clothing as you enjoy your time around the campfire, giving you additional protection long after the fire is extinguished.

Employ coffee grounds

Camping during the rainy season will probably result in the campground being surrounded by puddles. The objective is to eradicate the mosquito eggs here before they hatch as these are mosquito breeding grounds. Herein lies the appeal of coffee grinds. Sprinkle some in still water to compel eggs to rise to the surface, where they will perish from lack of oxygen.

Use vinegar’s power.

The smell of vinegar is too overpowering for a lot of people. Guess what, though? Mosquitoes do the same. You can spray vinegar on the surfaces of your campground to ward off these pesky insects, or you could even dab yourself with a cotton ball drenched in vinegar.

To help keep mosquitoes away from you and your campground, use these practical measures.

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