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Do you have a tent camper who you would want to think of a gift suggestion for? If so, choosing a present just become simpler. You won’t have any trouble choosing a wonderful gift for any camper on your list because there are so many wonderful options available.

What kind of present would a camping enthusiast like? If the person is a true camper, they presumably already have a decent tent, sleeping bags, and all the other essentials. As such, you should choose a present for the tent camper that is a little unusual.

For tent campers, lanterns and flashlights make fantastic presents. When out in the dark, far from city lights, there is no such thing as having too many oil lamps or flashlights. The quality of the light generated makes battery-operated fluorescent or incandescent lanterns very popular with campers.  The light from these lanterns is readily sufficient to read a book at the picnic table or inside the tent.

Also excellent gifts are coolers and ice chests. These presents are available in just about any size you can think of. Although you might assume that the recipient already has a cooler, some of the newest models provide features that they might not already have. An ideal option is a soft-sided cooler with a battery-operated radio built in. Or a radio with a crank with built in phone charger. Another excellent choice is a sizable cooler with wheels and a handle for hauling.

A picnic basket with thoughtful additions is a different present idea that your camping enthusiast will adore. Choose a sizable basket that includes dishes, cups, and simple kitchenware. As opposed to placing everything into a box or bag, this makes carrying the camper’s dining supplies considerably simpler. Regarding cooking, how about some gear designed just for camping? An attractive camping present is a hot dog frying rack with a handle for holding it over the fire while the wieners cook. For the true meat enthusiast, there are also steak racks.

While camping, everyone loves to sit by the campfire at the picnic table and play games in the evening. You can select a traditional, ever-popular game such as chess, backgammon or checkers or choose on of the latest games. It is a good idea to steer clear of games that require a lot of small pieces or lots of paper items because an evening breeze can ruin the game. Instead, select a game that is sturdy and the pieces are heavier for stability. If possible, select a game that is waterproof or in a waterproof case in the event spills happen at the campsite or in transport. A great game to give campers is a set of horseshoes and stakes.


Binoculars are a fantastic second gift for campers. Since camping is typically done away from city lights, a tiny telescope is the ideal present if you really want to go all out. This allows you to see the entire night sky. A book about the night sky can be a thoughtful gift if you know the recipient already has a telescope.

To keep kids active and entertained while camping, there needs to be plenty of action. The young person who enjoys camping with friends or family would love receiving beach balls, water cannons, Frisbees, footballs, or any other outdoor item.

And remember to thank God always for being able to enjoy His creation.

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