Cell Phone Service while in Remote Places

For the protection of visitors, forest service employees, and tourists, they are installing cell phone towers throughout the forests. It certainly sounds like an excellentSee the source image concept.¬†They will also be useful in the fight against fires since they add a network-centric element to the ever-improving technologies used to put out large fires. Of course, some people will gripe that their phone keeps ringing when they are fly-fishing or hiking through a beautiful paradise. Yes, but in the event that you are hurt, get lost, or get caught in bad weather, won’t you be incredibly grateful to see four or five bars on the signal strength?

The National Park Service is currently accepting requests from telecommunications to construct these cell towers in the parks. Some people worry about safety while driving on the winding, barely two-lane roads, while others see it as a way to draw attention to the wonderful features of our national parks and safeguard visitors. Additionally, having more eyes, ears, and cell phones leads to safer woods, quicker emergency responses, fewer fatalities, and bad public relations.See the source image

The possibility of migratory animals tripping sensors, those sensors calling into a central computer tracking endangered species, alerting authorities of potential issues with chronic waste disease, auto accidents from deer strikes, or wolves and bears getting too close to camping areas, are additional factors that have not been discussed.See the source image The prevalence of microwaves, while their relatively low power, may also affect forest ecology and even stimulate the brains of larger predator species, giving them the ability to think more clearly or become smarter. The reproduction rates may go up or down depending on the waves. We simply don’t know what will occur. However, being able to locate accident victims, those caught in avalanches, stranded in bad weather, and people in the path of fires will be a huge plus. We can better manage our forestlands and avert disaster by using wireless technologies to quickly quadrangulate the precise position. Consider it as it seems no one else is.

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