Caving At Natural Bridge Caverns

Caving at Natural Bridge Caverns offers a unique opportunity for adventure that you should not miss out on. These magnificent caves are situated in Comal County, Texas near San Antonio. Your nearest landmark is the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. It is undeniable that Caving at Natural Bridge Caverns is extremely popular. As such you can expect that certain features make this natural wonder particularly special.


When were the Natural Bridge Caverns discovered?

The caves were discovered on March 27th, 1960 by students from St Mary’s University in San Antonio.


What can I look forward to while Caving at Natural Bridge Caverns?

Geological treasures- Natural Bridge Caverns are made of several layers of limestone. The different levels are named by geologists. On your tours, look out for the Glen Rose and the Kainer. The Natural Bridge Caverns continues to be a mind-blowing display of geological formations like stalactites, stalagmites, and speleothems.


Nature of the tour- You can expect your tour to take you 180 feet below the surface. Depending on the tour you choose you can also see the hidden passages.

Surface activities- There is also much to do above ground like fossil mining and climbing to name a few.


One of the amazing things about the Natural Bridge Caverns is that it’s always changing like a living thing as the water continues to shape the limestone. Caving at Natural Bridge Caverns is certainly a treat worth checking out.


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