Go car camping if you’ve decided on the spur of the moment to spend the weekend outside but don’t have a concrete plan. With the room and comfort of your car, you can just pack the necessities, fill up the tank, and start driving to your weekend outdoor adventure!

Just be sure not to forget a few crucial items that will make your journey much easier and less stressful!See the source image

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Follow these 5 fantastic suggestions for auto camping:

acquire a fire permit

If you don’t unwind over a campfire, it won’t feel like camping. Verify if the campground of your choice permits fires, and if it does, obtain a fire permit in advance. You’ll be happy you obtained a permit when you start a bonfire at night under the stars!See the source image

Pack Freely

One benefit of car camping is that you won’t have to worry about packing too little because you won’t have to worry about space or weight restrictions because you’ll be in your car. Therefore, don’t be reluctant to bring items that would make you feel comfortable, such as a thick air mattress, your own pillow from home, a blanket you love, a guitar, etc.

Keep your belongings in the vehicle.

Simply remove everything you’ll need for sleeping from your car if you intend to camp out and leave everything else there to keep things more orderly. Get your sleeping bag, tent, pillows, and blankets ready. This will save you time because you won’t have to take everything out of its packaging and put it back when you’re ready to go.See the source image

Construct an outdoor kitchen.

Locate a flat, protected area where you can build an outdoor kitchen that is at least 150 feet away from your tent. Prepare your stove and gather everything you’ll need to prepare your supper (preferably all stored in one box). For a more enjoyable supper, make an easy gourmet dinner and serve some wine.

To deter animals, make sure to keep food leftovers and other items in your car.

Turn off the interior vehicle lighting.

As you will be opening the doors frequently, set your inside car lights to “permanently off” to save your car’s charge. Just in case, don’t forget to carry some jumper wires!

Camping in a car is a fantastic way to enjoy nature without too many concerns. Therefore, invite a loved one or a few pals for a fun weekend outside!

You’re sure to have a great time if you just stick to these fantastic vehicle camping guidelines!

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