Camping: The Budget Outing

Who doesn’t want to spend quality time out? Everyone wants so. Don’t you? But running low on
budget is the main hurdle to fulfill this dream. But here, we will discuss how to turn this dream
about budget outings into reality. In the daily exaggerated routine, everyone must spend some
quality time to make himself relaxed and this is much important to keep going for the daily
burden of work.

Camping is one of the budget and wallet friendly outing plans. Spending quality time with
friends, spouse or family is the most heart-warming experience, one will ever have. Camping is
the temporary stay at some area other than home. It has its own numerous benefits which will
be discussed later.

A Mesmerizing Start of Day:
Staying away from the daily routine of load and stress is only possible by camping at some hilly
area with a lake in front. When you open eyes in the morning, the beautiful reflection of the sun
welcomes you. The crystal clear water and the green moss bed and the cool breeze tickles you to
feel you in heaven and much more. Your alarm will be the mesmerizing sound of birds, chirping
to awake you from the sound sleep. The view of the sky in the night will be a lullaby for you. The
day spent in camp is better than a year in an apartment.

There are plenty of options for which you can enjoy camping. Most people who have not gone
out for camping think that it’s just putting a tent under the sky and it’s all over. That’s a blunder.
Camping is just a whole new life experience. It’s like setting up a new house. It’s about enjoying
every moment. Here, we will discuss the available options for what you can do while camping
and I’m sure these options will enlighten and make your mind to pack your backpack and carry
out the journey of camping.

Available Option Of Fun During Camping:
In this section, we will discuss the things one can do in a camp. Well, it’s up to one’s taste. What
do they like? What’s their culture? But, we will have a general idea of the things one can do.

One of the most popular challenges during camping is hiking. Hiking is the long walk not on a
regular footpath rather on a trail in the countryside. It’s a walk in nature, exploring it. Hiking is
not only enjoyable but also a good exercise. It lowers your blood sugar, increases strength and
endurance. Moreover, it will help you to control your blood pressure. You just need your fit
clotting, a backpack with water and energy dense snacks and a map. That’s enough for hiking
and exploring the wonders of nature.

The most fascinating part of camping is self cooking. Most of the people use camping specific
stoves to cook food. But, another option is gathering some stones to.make DIY stove. Using dry
leaves and trees barks as fuel and cooking all natural stuff. Green vegetables cooked on natural
fire. Eating while sitting on the bed of grass and mosses. What more you can expect from a
cheap outing.

Swimming and Tubing:
Having a camp near a water body is something everyone wishes for. Having a morning bath in
the freshwater of a lake, river, pool or a waterfall is a dreaming experience. The cool water gives
you a refreshing start of the day. One can enjoy the reflection of the rising sun in the calm water
of the lake. It all looks like a dream world. Those who have ever been on a camping trip know the
best of these engrossing and captivating scenes.

Have you ever eaten an unpreserved and self-fished fish? Fishing is not a game of minutes. It
can take hours to catch a single fish. Putting the hook in water and then waiting for minutes to
hours and wishing to catch a fish is so dramatic. Every time the hook moves, a wave of joy passes
throughout the whole body. These little moments of joy can make your soul subdue.
Then after fishing, self cooking it with all the natural ingredients can make your mouth watered.
Every person in the camp worked together and in harmony to cook an unusual but mouth
watering fish.

Miscellaneous Activities:
There are numerous games associated with water bodies. Like water balloon fights or squirt gun
battles, water skiing, boating, diving, snorkeling etc. These all games are related to water bodies.
You can also play many other games and activities according to your culture.

There are other activities you can do at camping like playing a frisbee, soccer, exploring nature,
catching fireflies in jars, float on water, hide and seek. These games and activities not only pacify
you but also create a lot of memories to help you in times of stress. According to the latest
research, surfing time with nature helps you to stay away from depression.

Benefits of Camping:
It’s time to discuss the benefits of being on campus once in six months or year.

Decrease Stress Level:
Staying a day or two away from the daily routine of life is relaxing. The daily routine of an office
or a school from 7am to 2pm is enough to depress all the mindful activities of a person. Camping
is time spent for one ownself. Increased stress can cause numerous ailments like depression,
cardiovascular disease like blood pressure and tachycardia and latest research also relates
diabetes with increased stress. Spending time self increases one’s life by minimizing the
chances of diseases.

Pure Air:
Camping is one of the sources of breathing the pure and natural air which our lungs have
forgotten due the pollution in the cities because of modernization. Waking up in the morning,
standing in front of a lake and having a deep breath can inspire your body and mind. It’s just
another blessing of god. It gives our body another opportunity to breath in the fresh air which
purifies the blood and lungs. Pure air is as important as pure water. Today, we strive for pure
water but not for pure air. Thus, camping will be a whole body tuning within a day or two.

Females Health:
Due to the processed and junk food and more time spent in close rooms health of both the
genders are affected. But it affects females more than the males. Especially in the later part of
life after menopause. As the estrogen level decreases, their body will be unable to regulate the
calcium level. Thus causing bone weakening called osteoporosis.
But the good news is that camping can also help women to regulate calcium level. Actually,
vitamin D is required for the proper absorption of calcium and Vit D is produced in our body
when it is exposed to sunlight during daytime. These little tours in the countryside can help you
get health benefits.

Freshen Soul:
Proper sleep is much more important for better health. During normal routine sleeping with the
stress of waking up for office is not something called proper sleep. This will have a worse effect
on one’s health. Sleeping in the camp without the disturbance of the alarm and other technology
will help your mind to relax and soul to sooth.

It is recommended not to bring your laptops or tablets during camping. Although, important
gadgets can be carried if necessary.

Socialization and Family Time:
Camping improves your social behaviour. You learn to deal with people and deal with the
problems. Quality time with family boosts inter-familial relations and increases trust. Moreover,
they come to know each other.

Quality time with friends or family is something which will help to create memories for old age.
Everyone should have young memories in old age. When he was lying alone, he must have
memories to enjoy them and laugh.

Essentials of Camping:
For the beginners who are new in camping or who are planning to go camping must have some
essentials not to make their experience bad. Below is the list and importance of these gadgets.

Your camp. Your temporary home. Always have a waterproof and strong looking tent for your
camping. This will help you in rain and wind. Moreover, sleeping in a tent is more secure than
under the sky.

Sleeping Mattress and Pillows:
Don’t forget these essentials. Some people sleep on mosses and grass but it’s not a good idea.
Lots of insects are active during the night. So, having a mattress and pillows and a camping tent
will save you from these natural bugs.

Water Saving:
Always have maximum supply of water with you. Moreover, a water filter should be present in
your belongings. So, if unfortunately you run out of water. Then you have an option to fetch
water from a nearby waterbody.

Cooking Instruments:
If you are planning cooking then don’t forget to have a fire starter with you and some basic
utensils like a pan. Most of the time, people forget to bring fire starters like matches, lighters,
magnesium salt or any other fire starting material. Never forget to have a pocket knife with you.
It will help you at a number of instances.

First Aid Kit:
This is something more important than any other equipment is a first aid kit. In any emergency
or unpleasant situation, a first aid kit is important. It’s important for minor cuts which are
common while hiking or camping. This kit will help you to remain secure.

Flash-Light and Compass:
Flashlights are important if you are staying for a night. Light is necessary at night in camps. And
if you are planning for hiking then compass is your helper. It will help and prevent you from
being stray.

Cheap outing is the best source to relax oneself from the daily burdens of life. And camping in
this regard will help you in relaxing on a tight budget. In outing, most of the budget is surfed in
buying edibles and renting a hotel room. So, if you have your own camp and food, this will be
your cheapest ever tour. Always take precautionary measures and if possible hire a camping

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