See the source image Some years ago I meet a man whom was a birdwatcher. He had books, binoculars, camera, feeders and different birdfeed for different kinds of birds. He knew little things about the birds like which one would most likely be seen morning and/or evening.

With the things I learnt from him my interest of birdwatching grew more so I started to make a rather enjoyable hobby out of it. One way to get out and see some birds are to get out into their habitat. So I started hiking with a camera and binoculars. Then I decided to Camp and hike and to find out that I really loved the campout while birdwatching.


And there has been many times I shared the joys of bird watching with my friends. They  have  become pretty interested in  twitching as some do. On one campout/bird watching trip we had taken, we got the privilege of seeing  a beautiful Bald Eagle on a lake here in East Texas that is named “Lake Fork”.  A very beautiful lake with various places for tent camping and even more for RV camping. There are motels on the lake as well.( The fishing is great here. also) But (any lake is great for bird watching and camping.)

The birdwatching here is great and the people are very friendly around the lake in Yantis, Alba, Emory, Quitman, and surrounding communities, all located

See the source image  Birds on Lake Fork Texas


See the source image Lake Fork, Texas

Not far from here there is the only building made of salt in North America located in Grand Saline Texas the home of Morton Salt Mind. Bird watching is great while camping and fishing on the Lake Fork. (I just thought would mention the building made of salt).

See the source image   The “Salt Palace”, Grand Saline, Texas

Please plan soon to come stay awhile here on lake fork. If you are here on a Wednesday night or Sunday Morning or night please visit one of our many Bible believing and teaching churches and worship our Savior with us.


I may get a small commission but there are no extra charge to you.



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