Camp Cooking

   The following are a couple of basic camp recipes that my mom used to plan for us. A portion of the vegetables can be ready ahead of time and put away in Ziploc packs.

Simply try to prepare to make your life more straightforward, and remember to incorporate it with the remainder of your setting up camp hardware. Preparing is critical and will assist the children with feeling less focused on during dinners.

Broiled potatoes from Mom


12 pound of bacon

cut and stripped one medium onion

1 slashed green pepper

6-8 medium-sized Idaho or chestnut potatoes

Sharp cheddar, 8 oz. bundle

pepper and salt as wanted


A barbecue rack or open air fire grind is expected for an open fire. On the mesh, set the skillet. Lay the bacon equally in the skillet and permit it to cook until it is fresh. Take the bacon out and allow it to dry on a paper towel. Eliminate the bacon fat from the skillet and add the potatoes.

The potatoes will taste better accordingly. Add the green pepper and onion. To taste, add salt and pepper. For around five minutes, put a cover on top. At the point when the potatoes turn a brilliant earthy colored tone, carefully flip them over with a spatula. The potatoes are done when they are delicate when jabbed with a fork and have arrived at the ideal degree of firmness. Sprinkle the bacon, which has been broken into bits, on top of the potatoes

Add the cheddar covering similarly. Put a cover on the skillet to finished the most common way of cooking just to melt the cheddar. Present with a cucumber/tomato salad or new regular item like melon.

Drifter Dinners

This recipe will serve 4, twofold the components for extra servings.


Inflexible Foil

1 lb lean ground meat made into four patties

1 medium onion, hacked

5-6 potatoes, washed, cut (can leave skin on)

5-6 unrefined carrots, washed, cut (can leave skin on)

Salt and pepper to taste.


Put 4 pieces of foil on counter or table. Should associate with 18 in x 18 in or gigantic enough to hold each dinner.

Place ground burger patty (ground turkey, to be more health conscious.)in point of convergence of each foil pieces. Sprinkle around two tablespoons of onion on each patty.      Add what may be contrasted with one potato and one carrot, you can add more vegetables at whatever point needed. Salt and pepper to taste. Cross-over foil together then overlay down solidly onto food, then again on each end molding a pocket.

Throw onto hot coals or spot into a preheated 300 degree oven for around an hour. To test for doneness you can enter pocket with a fork, if the veggies give you no hindrance your supper should finished cook.   You can eat directly from the pocket. Additional items are at this point wrapped and eat up for enjoyment.
Remember to thank God for our food and fun. On a camp out you can really have a great time of prayer and Bible study.

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