Your kids may be pleading with you to take them camping, but you just don’t have the time. Or perhaps you want to take your children camping for the first time but are unsure if they will enjoy it or if they might be scared? Camping out in your backyard will be enjoyable in any case as a way to spend the evening and night with your children.

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Invite the youngsters to help you establish a camp in your backyard. Have them assist you in erecting the tent. Charge them with bringing their sleeping bags, flashlights, and any other items they might require inside the tent. You could even want to start a campfire in your backyard if that is an option for you. If this is a possibility in your community, confirm it beforehand with the fire department. If not, simply pull out the gas or charcoal grill. For dinner, cook some hotdogs on the grill and prepare some foil-wrapped potatoes. Of course, you’ll also need some s’mores. Put some aluminum foil over the grill grate if you’re roasting marshmallows there to prevent melting marshmallow from dripping onto the surface.

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You don’t have a backyard or even a tent, for that matter. That is hardly an excuse not to set up camp. Just spread out your blankets or sleeping bags in the living room. Disconnect from the radio, TV, and video games. Build a fire in your fireplace if you have one. In any other case, you can microwave s’mores, pop some popcorn, and order some pizza.

Spend some time sitting down and talking before your close-to-home camping excursion, wherever you decide to go. No matter if there is a bonfire there or not, telling stories is always enjoyable. You could be surprised by the creative storytelling abilities of your children. Don’t forget to share some traditional family stories.

Above all, recall your favorite camping experiences from the past and relive them with your children. Do you have any memorable terrifying tales? What games do you really love playing? Which card game is your favorite?

Enjoy your children, have fun with this, and make some memories.

A backyard campout is a great opportunity to tell great Bible stories to your children to let them feel God’s peace while they are outside at night.




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