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 With solar illumination and universal solar chargers, solar power offers a portable type of energy generation at a time when it might be most needed. The major draw of living outside is being able to spend as much time as you want as far away from society; but, being that far from a source of mains electricity might make you completely shut off from the outside world. The practicality of solar power to compensate for the loss of mains electricity while you enjoy your outdoor adventure has significantly risen as a result of the technological advancements and breakthroughs made over the past ten years in the solar power sector.


Here are the top five.


  1. A general-purpose solar charger.

An adult spends an average of one hour per day online; when you factor in the time spent using a mobile phone and hand-held entertainment system, this adds up to a significant amount of time. Therefore, it is simple to understand how much individuals can miss these gadgets when they are away from a power source for a while. But fear not, technophiles—help is at hand! These devices can all be charged using a high-quality universal solar charger. These universal chargers come with a variety of attachments which not only enable you to attach a mobile phone, but also come with dc power supply tips for devices such as laptops or video camera’s. Some of these devices will also enable you to attach the battery from a GPS unit or other larger devices.

  1. Solar Lighting.

One of the joys of camping is being able to relax under a clear starry night sky, but it can also be very dark at night!. Solar lighting comes in many different forms, but the most useful application while camping is in the form of a solar powered lantern. Unlike battery powered devices, these lanterns need no external power source and can provide up to eight hours of illumination per evening. Unlike battery powered devices, these lanterns need no external power source and can provide up to eight hours of illumination per evening.

  1. A set of transportable solar panels.

Today, it is possible to purchase a portable solar panel array for a few hundred pounds that will power a few gadgets simultaneously. You can run a TV, radio, and refrigerator simultaneously on a solar panel array.

  1. Backpacks with solar panels.

It has been able to reduce the size of solar devices while boosting their production thanks to solar panels’ rising efficiency. This technology has been incorporated by certain astute manufacturers into rucksacks made for hiking, fishing, or other outdoor activities. The rucksacks give you electricity while you’re moving and may even include solar-powered built-in air conditioners. Imagine going on a hike and being able to enjoy yourself when you arrive.

And always remember where the sun’s power comes from, which is from our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ.

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