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You may quickly and easily clean up after a meal. Make a breakfast at the campsite before setting out on your activities. These might contain pancakes, bacon, and/or eggs. My personal favorite is a scrambled egg for breakfast. Squeeze the eggs and hashbrowns together after placing them in a bag of hashbrowns (either with or without onions) and whatever many eggs you need. Use a skillet, if you have one, to cook as you normally would at home over the grill or campfire. If you only have foil, place the eggs and hashbrowns in a foil bag or foil-lined bowl, cover, and cook until the eggs are set and frothy. I like to top it with cheese. It is tasty.




We love to go riding, hiking, and on scavenger hunts before it gets too hot . Another popular activity is fishing if you are camping near a place  where it is permitted. If you are unable to fish in your hometown, you may occasionally need to buy a fishing license to do this, but it is really enjoyable. You don’t have to carry the equipment because some campgrounds offer fishing equipment rentals.


After outdoor activities, sandwiches, hot dogs, or hamburgers are usually delicious and don’t take a lot of extra effort to prepare, and they are great outdoor lunch by adding some chips, potato or pasta salad.  (Don’t forget the cookies.)



Practice survival skills—my husband and our 10-year-old son adore doing this. They play the “what would you do if you were trapped” game a lot on the new TV series on survival skills. Around the camping spot, we search the trees and plants for sources of food and water. It is a lot of fun and can teach you useful information if you ever need to go into “real survival mode.”


Swimming is a camping tradition since it frequently takes place outside of a swimming pool. Swim, swim, swim if there is a river, creek, or lake near your campground.


Kayaking is a lot of fun if your facilities allow it, just like above.


Take a nature walk or go rock climbing. Search for unique leaves, rocks, flowers, insects, trees, etc. The differences in the environment and wildlife when you are not in your hometown make for


some fascinating observations. To record the experience, vacation, or trip, we bring a note book and a camera, and we try to record the discoveries in a scrapbook or placing into a photo album afterwards.


Dark Starry Nights


Nights are for relaxing under the stars and seeing how many constellations you can find. Also, smores are a great treat to make after your dinner selection for the evening. Another great family idea is to bring card games or board games or if you have a musician in the family we enjoy playing music and singing around the campfire silly songs.

These activities and tips should help you have a great family camping trip no matter where you are going. Enjoy! Nature is a wonderful stress reliever and family time is extremely important, so enjoy it while you have it.

Believe me, kids grow up too fast, but Grandkids are coming and they are 10 x the fun.

God is sure good to us so be mindful to thank Him for every second with your family, Amen.



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