Swarmi Gee

October 8, 2016 6:27 am


Meet Swarmi Gee. This local man has worked as a palmist for over 40 years, studying and honing his family profession from the age of 20. He is now 70 years old.

We were told about Swarmi Gee by a local Indian man who we met at dinner the night before. He said he had told friends and travellers about Swarmi Gee in the past, and always heard positive and inspired feedback. If we were interested in visiting him, we should walk to Bhagsu and look out for the stone bus-shelter where the road bends – this is where he practises. On our wander around the local Himalayan villages the next day we had forgotten about Swarmi until I noticed a small old man wrapped in a blanket inside a lonely bus-shelter, and remembered our friend’s advice from the night before. I was perhaps too excited to encounter him – his presence was cool and nonchalant, his character quite sharp and straight-talking. Both being fairly sceptical of this road-side profession, both Tom and I were ready to take his words with a pinch of salt and focus more on what was for us a fun and unique experience – 100 rupees for a palm-reading in a bus-shelter overlooking the Himalayan hills. One of those odd travel moments.

But Swarmi Gee’s words were curiously exact. Whilst he considered Tom’s whole hands for a good few minutes before imparting his thoughts, he delved straight into some areas and characteristics of me that even I didn’t realise I wanted or needed clarifying. Once he was finished, he quickly recoiled into the closed and mystical figure we had stumbled across only a few minutes earlier, but left us with information we are still processing now.

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