Punjabi men by morning

October 7, 2016 6:12 am



In a country that seems to be permanently functioning in full speed, this action shot somehow emanates complete serenity to me. After waking up early with the intention of seeing the Amritsar bazaars at a cooler and more manageable hour, we were met by what felt like (by Indian standards) a ghost town. Whilst shop fronts were shut up and the streets predominant occupants were rubbish-scouting dogs, we found ourselves encountering a slightly different Amritsar to the one we expected. Watching this scene simultaneously to us were two elderly Punjabis, sat statue-like in a perfect unity that almost made me feel like time as stopped. As I scrabbled for my camera a man approached asking for a rickshaw ride, and obviously a local dog wanted to get in on a moment of fame too. After nodding his approval at being snapped, only the man in white remained from the initial shot that grabbed me, but the movement around him seems to grab the exact street activity that we were both voyeurs of in the first place.

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