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We're Rosie & Tom, an English Backpacking Couple

We are an English couple who met on the road two years ago, and haven’t stopped talking about, planning and taking backpacking trips ever since.

After meeting whilst on tourist visas in Sydney, on entirely separate trips, we merged living in Australia, fulfilling our solo travel plans in Southeast Asia and also planning spontaneous adventures together before heading back to the UK to save for the next big trip.

We are currently gearing up to head out into the big wide world again later this year, Central America for Tom and India for Rosie, before uniting in a far-flung yet-to-be-determined destination. We’ve created this blog not only to impart our experiences and tips on world travel, but also solo travel, couple travel, male travel and female travel.

With over 30 countries under our belts we are no way near accomplished. As every traveller will know, the travel bug is the absolute hardest to shift, so for now we are totally focused on enjoying every minute of it


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